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Obviously there is a long history of medals as an award of honor, especially in athletic competitions, and it's hard to argue with the swelling of pride that can come from being awarded a medal for any reason. When you want a medal to go above and beyond for a ceremony, it's time for you to talk to the pros at B E T S Engraving Inc to get the best look at a great budget-friendly price.

Medals aren't just for Olympians!

Few things hold the tradition and automatic respect of a good medal - come see what we can do to help you with a custom medal order.

Don't settle for some bland, nondescript medals. Talk to us about a wide variety of things, including stock styles, personal logos, ribbon color, and more. Get the medals you truly want, not the ones you are just stuck with.

Customize your medals!

You will find that we offer a full variety of stock medals, as well as blank styles that can be customized and foiled as needed to get that look you want. Not sure exactly what you're looking for? Then come down to the shop and we'll get you on the path to finding your perfect customized medals.

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Call today to talk about your custom medal options!


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We also carry a selection of blank medals that allow us to fully customize your design with an insert and we also have a large selection of colored neck ribbon without printing to better suit your needs.